Pregnancy Support

Congratulations on your recent pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a profound, precious and life altering experience for a woman.  This is a time to nourish and care for yourself as you in turn are supporting the health of the life growing within you.  Pregnancy is a dynamic process of transitions, whether this is your first or a successive pregnancy, your body will likely experience both physical and emotional changes.  Some of these changes are welcome and exciting, like the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat or the flutter of movement from the life within.  Some of these changes, however, may be unexpected or uncomfortable, such as nausea during the first trimester, or low back aches, hip pain, and acid reflux as your body prepares itself for the growth and birth of your child.

Acupuncture, Maya Abdominal Therapy (MAT), and Chinese herbal medicine are all safe, natural, and effective ways to support you throughout your pregnancy as well as to treat any symptoms of imbalance or discomfort you may experience along the way.